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About Kaffe

We craft all you need to create the most satisfying cup of coffee in your own home. You bring the coffee and the water, we bring the rest.

The fragrance of freshly brewed coffee in the home, the ritual of waking up to your first cup, and the joy of gathering around coffee with friends: these are our reasons for being. What’s more, we believe in making life easy for you, and giving you the tools to grind your own beans at the touch of a button is one way of doing this. Our quality-promise is another way of making things easy, because our French press tempered glass and stainless steel components are durable, solid and hard-working.

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At Kaffe, our love for coffee is really what gets us out of bed each morning! This is why we design and manufacture French press coffee makers and other coffee gear. Our design and operational headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia, while we go all over the world to find inspiration and source products. We like to keep things simple with beautiful, functional design that eliminates the need for disposable filters, pods and other fussy bits of paper or plastic.

Kaffe products



Hear the cascade of whole beans plunking into the hopper. You close the lid, press the button: whizzzz … your grind is ready. Click open the grinder, close your eyes, inhale the glorious aroma of fresh coffee. The kettle hums, bubbling and prattling to a boil, and the next thing you know, you’ve poured your cup, watching the steam swirl up to your face to caress your senses. Don’t you wish it could be morning all the time?


"Behind every successful person is a substantial amount of coffee.


Two Words - flavor & aroma! Coffee’s real flavor comes from the oils in roasted beans, and those oils need to be released evenly for the best-tasting coffee. So you want to extract the flavor from the beans as effectively as possible, and that means starting with the best coffee maker you can buy. If you’re a coffee connoisseur like us, you’ve probably invested heavily in your coffee grounds, so do not overlook the importance of the grinder, and its role in producing the final coffee you’ll be sipping!

Let’s Create The Perfect Coffee Experience Together.