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What our customers say...

For it to be a grinder, it is actually a bit quiet. Love the way it makes it easy to grind the coffee and also to clean. Medium-size but it does not take away extra space, it just takes enough. Great design and size as well as powerful performance.


You might have seen that headline on this grinder before, but it's true!! 10-15 seconds creates perfect ground! 30 seconds I swear is almost powder!! I have to use it twice for a full pot worth of grounds, but it's quick and powerful!

G. Fletcher

I was looking for a good coffee French press. I found it. I have been using this specific unit for 4 years now. Twice a day, every day. It came with a spare filter which I have yet to use.

D. Gerecht

At 73, I have had a few coffee grinders. Kaffe by far is the best quality, easy to use, and cleaning takes a minute. If you want a great coffee-related item check out all the Kaffe product lines. You will not be disappointed.


I love a good iced coffee regardless of what season it is, and this coffee maker has become my favorite thing. It works so well and it's super easy to clean. I usually make my own mix, throw in some vanilla or cinnamon for that extra flavor, and it's just so good. I love it!

A. Benhene

Love these cups! There is no tiny hole at the bottom like all the others seem to have, so no dirty water gets trapped in them. And they’re 2.7 ounces which is perfect because 1 shot of espresso is 2 ounces. The .7 allows you to have room at the top so it doesn’t spill.


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